How To Become A 9 to 5 Realtor And Have A Life Worth Living



(Without the raging overwhelm, crippling tech hangups 
and nightmarish "what-do-I-do-next syndrome")

Are you a real estate professional looking to generate more income? In a less competitive environment? While creating a business that encourages a 9 to 5 lifestyle, then you probably already know that you need to find a niche that few agents even know about. 

So I'll spare you the spiel. No need to be a broken record and convince you of something that's already been drilled deep into your entrepreneurial mind. 

After all, you probably already KNOW that creating a successful real estate business is the key tipping point that will allow you to leverage your time, impact more people, and scale your business to true profitability. 

You've probably also heard that to be successful in Real Estate you need to work nights, weekends, and through the holidays.


Even if you're a Mega Agent, with referral revenues and an admin that provides done-for-you services on lockdown (lucky you)... Participating in this program can:


Are you tired of constantly fighting over commission rates?  That’s because the public doesn’t see the difference between your services and those offered by 1000’s of other discount Realtors.  Separating yourself with a product that is unique, your client’s perception of your worth and authority skyrockets, allowing you to command higher fees for your precious (non-scaleable) time…and get it.


Offering exciting and valuable information to financial planners and mortgage professionals so that they can convert asset rich, cash poor clients into a fresh source of loyal clients makes you the no-brainer partner to refer business to.


When every other agent is making it about selling and moving and you talk about selling and staying (but getting access to 100% of the equity in their home )you raise your industry celebrity. This can lead to creating videos, speaking engagements, and valuable partnerships, and all sorts of exciting and unexpected opportunities that add new revenue streams to your business. We even have a growth plan available if you want to take this niche to an even higher level.


 Regular real estate transactions close in approximately 3 months.  Using this unique niche, the deals close in 2-3 weeks and the deposits are already geared to be enough to cover the commission.  This gives you the cash flow that you need to re-invest in your business, family and yourself.


The peak period to buy and sell real estate is the spring and fall market because parents need to structure their moving activities around the school year. Our program extends this to a year-long activity because Adults 55+ and investors are not tied to a specific time frame.  


 Say goodbye to competing with expensive brochures, signage,  drone videos, staging costs. This unique niche wants to keep everything on the down-low. Protecting their privacy is fundament to every transaction. 

Do you Want to Work

In A

Unique Niche?


But where the heck do I start!?

Perhaps in your most courageous moments, you've made the commitment to utilize a niche that will give you the lifestyle that you want to live. 

You've jotted ideas down in a Google Doc, sent out marketing material to your geo-farm, perhaps designed a website, and formed a circle of referring professionals.  You may have daydreamed over potential revenues, and maybe even capped your revenue goals. 

If you're super committed, maybe you even invested in some type of marketing videos, or create fun events that attract the general population which creates the impression that you better than the average realtor.  Perhaps, you have created a branded identity or known for hosting great seminars. 

But even with the best intentions, most would-be realtors end up abandoning their project, allowing competitors to swoop in and take a stab while they remain sidelined. 

Here's why most would-be realtors abandon the project: 

Without a super clear, step-by-step project plan, most would-be realtors get completely lost. 

They fall victim to paralyzing tech hang-ups (the experts always make it sound soooo easy), a time-sucking sticking point, or lack of clarity over exactly what they need to do next to build their niche. 

Here's why this is irreversibly crippling. 

As an already busy realtor with clients to serve, services to fulfill, and maybe even a day job, you literally can't afford to veer off course. 

And the moment you “hit the ball in the rough” it's almost impossible to recover. 

Therefore, hitting the ball on the green is one of the few things in real estate that you NEED to get right the first time. 

And luckily for you, there are only a FEW people out there doing it right. 

In all likelihood, your competitors have either failed or created something ineffective that nobody wants. 

Which means… 

Even if you're late to the party, there's still a golden opportunity for you to jump in, clean up the mess (and convert this all into solid profits). 

That is… if you can avoid the same deadly mistakes that your competitors are making.


(or worse, not treating it like a Business):

Building a successful Real Estate Business isn't particularly hard or complicated. But there are MANY moving pieces and potential failure points along the way. 

What listing presentation to use? How to structure the deal? How to host a successful seminar? 

These are just some of the MANY questions you'll have to answer along the way. 

Most Realtors approach their real estate marketing as just another "thing to do or learn". But the thing is, you can't treat  building a real estate career as just another "strategy", "tactic" or "system". It's an immensely valuable (and fragile) project that when done right, can earn you revenue over the transaction of it's lifetime. 

Time to respect it for what it is - a PROJECT - and approach it accordingly AND  with your permission, that's what I'd LOVE to show you how to create.


"Theresa Baird is not a good teacher. A ‘teacher' is someone that can help someone memorize something so they can do well on a test. When you're an entrepreneur you need to be able to apply concepts, strategies and tactics in the real world, where it's messy and imperfect. 

Theresa is more like a Sherpa. 

She's been to the top of the mountain, kept excellent notes on the pitfalls, obstacles and shortcuts; then came back down the mountain to lay out a plan of achievement for someone else that is just starting their journey to the top. If you're looking for a good teacher of real estate, don't buy this program…but if you're looking to A) Discover how to build a real estate business that delivers results, and B) ACTUALLY build the structure for your business, then Theresa is your Course Sherpa." 

The Complete A-Z Niche Implementation Plan for  the 9 to 5 Realtor 

We've taken everything we've learned from building 7 figure  blockbuster, high-converting business (being top 1% producer and $6.0 Million Dollars earned), and channelled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program that not only teaches you the high-level theory, but the actual EXECUTION of how you can do the same.




Yes, you'll learn the strategies behind everything we do, but more importantly, you'll have a meticulous, step-by-step, project plan that leaves nothing out and takes nothing for granted as you implement it. 

The end result: A incredibly profitable long-term ASSET ready to be deployed and profited from for the rest of your entrepreneurial life.


The 9 to 5 Realtor

is the first program of it's kind that...


No filler. No unnecessary modules, and no extraneous or premature strategies that look sexy on the surface, but do nothing but overwhelm you and sabotage your progress. 


The 80/20 of what you need to do to be a confident and powerful presenter that sets you apart from the other experts in your field.


Since the 9 to 5 Realtor is an implementation program, you WILL be getting your hands dirty with tech. Not only do we make it dead simple, but we take nothing for granted, and really go step-by-step to make sure you build your course with confidence.          

·        Complete, 360 degree overview of the business creation roadmap that will guide you through every step needed to build your 9 to 5 Real Estate Business.

·        3 *mind reading* validation techniques to discover exactly what your CLIENTS wants (and is willing to pay for) so that you never have to waste time and energy creating something that nobody buys.

·        The step-by-step simple *yet powerful* strategy of creating feedback from your CLIENTS while growing your email list in the process. 

 So what would it be worth to you and your business if…

·        In just 4 weeks from now you were in possession of an amazing profitable asset that can be plugged into all those fancy product launch funnels you've been dreaming about.

·        You could finally have a valuable and time-leveraged high-ticket program on your hands that allows you to impact more lives, earn more income, and enjoy more freedom in your life and business.

·        You had 100% confidence in your ability to list, sell and engage with a seniors eager to learn from you how they can get 100% of the equity and remain in the home that they love.

·        You had every step (and I mean EVERY step) in the program clearly laid out for you so that you never have to face the dreaded question of "what do I do next?"... and instead could put your energy and focus into listing and selling.

·        You had the more techy steps of course creation explained to you in amazingly clear and vivid detail so that you can DIY with confidence and avoid unnecessary outsourcing expenses that most course creators run into.

That's the opportunity I want to introduce to you today.  

"Sell ‘ n STAY’s  system is laid out in a very clear and easy-to-follow way. 

Each step is "chunked" down to make it feel completely doable. I never felt confused or overwhelmed…and even saved time by giving some steps to my team, who were just as impressed with the clarity of the videos. They emphasized which components of the system are must-do's right now and which ones are optional sales enhancers for later on. Her weekly implementation e-mails encouraged me to keep moving forward. Thank you Sell ‘n STAY for your big heart, clear and precise content and killer strategies!"

Jean Robinson 

"Sell ‘n STAY is the type of business I trust in the Real Estate Sales world. 
They are able to communicate ideas and concepts in a way that takes them from complicated and confusing, to simple and easy to understand. I would highly recommend following Sell ‘n STAY and buying their products."

"Sell ‘n STAY gives high quality content and I love her teaching style…clear, concise, and easy to implement."

SUZANNE Ciniello

JOIN 9 to 5 Realtor today


You'll get access to all 6 video modules, cheat sheets, resource guides, project plans, Apps, Calculators, Systems and Process Manual and every tool you need to build your 9 to 5 Realtor Business with confidence and ease.

·        Leverage the simple (but powerful) validation strategies to uncover EXACTLY what your client is ready and willing to invest in… without wasting precious time and energy on an overcomplicated data crunch.

·        Develop the skills and confidence needed to be the most powerful and influential Residential Sale and Leaseback Realtor in your territory.

·        Build your Business QUICKLY by knowing exactly what to do to promote this program for maximal impact and income.

·        Complete handholding as you walk through EVERY imaginable step needed to conceive and create your first profitable course. (yes, even the icky techy bits that usually get glossed over in other trainings).

The 9 to 5 Realtor

A change is as good as a rest.  If you are tired of being "on" 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year this is the one course that you should take. 

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